About This Website

dorothyhodgkin.com is a labour of love, put together as a side project by me, Neil Turner. Although I've no formal scientific background, I possess a real interest in all three Sciencies - and I'm an avid reader on topics ranging from Particle Physics to Bio-Hacking. When I first read about the life of Dorothy Hodgkin I decided to create a site where people could learn about her life and work - without the clutter of Wikipedia or similar sites. Just good, clean content, presented in a simple way.

The majority of the content for the site was written by Dave Foxall, a fanatastic writer who has worked with me on several projects. If you're looking for a great writer for a project of your own, then you should give serious consideration to Dave.

UPDATE: We've created a small publishing company going by the name of Sci Publications. Follow us on Twitter - @SciPublications. We've just launched our second small website detailing the life of Erwin Schrödinger - the famous Nobel-Prize winning physicist.